Lorenzini Titanium -Horse Fetlock Boots-Velcro

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The elegant design of the Lorenzini TITANIUM FETLOCK BOOTS is light and sturdy. They are directly
shaped on the horse’s limbs and equipped with titanium side branches, which guarantee the maximum protection against injury and bruising. Protectors maintain stable positions in the upper asymmetric center section of the horse’s leg, which prevents any movement or rotation, and guards against
injury. The gentle, but sturdy and adjustable, straps ensure a perfect closure without ever jabbing into the horse’s tibia. Developed and created in close collaboration with international champions, this protective gear is designed for any equestrian discipline.

The name, "TITANIUM," comes from ,”Titans,” the mighty gods of Greek mythology. Titanium is the only metal that is fully bio compatible with the human body. Traditionally used in aerospace, as well as surgical implants, the use of titanium in equestrian sporting accessories was introduced by LORENZINI. In 2012, the company was honored for the creation of titanium bits and recognized with the annual award for research and development by the International Titanium Association. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Lorenzini stirrups, protective gear and spurs are known for their design and exclusive quality.

This product is sold in pairs.