Lorenzini Titanium-Horse Tendon Boots

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The new generation TENDON BOOTS by Lorenzini are created with central and lateral titanium inserts and
the latest generation of breathable neoprene is used for total comfort for the horse. The upper symmetrical mid-section is perfectly adapted to the limb, guaranteeing total protection and shock absorption, while preventing friction between the horse’s ankles that can often cause painful sores. Quick and easy to wear, the protectors carry two adjustable straps which are adjustable to three different locking positions. Whether jumping or jogging, tendon protectors are ideal for any occasion.

– Breathable neoprene for complete comfort of the horse, protecting them from sweat, bacteria and moisture – Central and side inserts in titanium – The upper asymmetrical midsection perfectly adapts to the limbs of each specimen, ensuring total security and better shock absorption – Helps prevent rubbing of horses ankles – Quick and easy to wear with two elastic straps as closure, which are adjustable in three different positions – Inserts are subjected to a sandblasting process to zirconium and a subsequent passivization which make them suitable and resistant to intensive use – Aesthetically pleasing and perfect for any occasion from daily workouts to horse shows.

The name, "TITANIUM," comes from ,”Titans,” the mighty gods of Greek mythology. Titanium is the only metal that is fully bio compatible with the human body. Traditionally used in aerospace, as well as surgical implants, the use of titanium in equestrian sporting accessories was introduced by LORENZINI. In 2012, the company was honored for the creation of titanium bits and recognized with the annual award for research and development by the International Titanium Association. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Lorenzini stirrups, protective gear and spurs are known for their design and exclusive quality.

This product is sold in pairs.