S1 Safety First Stirrups by Safe Riding

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 S1 Safety First Stirrups by Safe Riding
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY and safety certificate.
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT DUE TO ITS 360º ARCH which opens completely with a minimal traction force on the middle point, to easily free the rider.
  • WIDE RANGE OF CHANGEABLE COVERS to be chosen from 4 different lines: Contemporary, Premium, Luxury and Flags.
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY with high-quality materials.
  • Exclusive and elegant packaging.

The S1 Safety First Stirrups by Safe Riding are an innovative system that combines safety, comfort, elegance and endless customization options. Created by a passion for riding, the stirrups encompass exclusive technologies as recognized by 3 international patents and a safety certificate.

Guaranteeing maximum performance with total safety, the 360º arch can open in any direction – completely freeing the foot so to avoid getting stuck in the stirrup. The S1 safety stirrups are at present the only 100% safe stirrups on the market, with technical tests showing that a minimal traction force on the middle point of the arch will completely open the stirrup to free the rider.

Offering unique comfort, the wish of Safe Riding was to create a product that would adapt and work with the rider. The ergonomic stirrup bed is equipped with an innovative gripping system which adapts to your every move, while cushioning absorbs the impact of jumping. The stirrups are weighted for easy retrieval and the unique locking system ensures they can be stored easily with normal leathers on any saddle, as well as being secure enough for lunge work.

Riders can change the covers on the S1 Safety Stirrups, with numerous choices from the following 4 lines: Contemporary – for those who want to play with colour, Premium – for those who care for minute detail, Luxury – for distinctive style and Flags – for those who represent their country.