Alfa Junior Jump Stirrups

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Alfa Junior Jump Stirrups
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Alfa Junior Jump stirrups have an innovative design that proves beneficial for all disciplines. The soleplate is available flat or with an incline, and is constructed with a solid rich notching tread crafted in mass, allowing for the rider to have an enhanced grip that provides stability and perfect balance. The soleplate is strengthened by anodic oxidation to reduce wear and corrosion.

All edges are rounded to preserve the saddle and prevent damage to stirrup leathers. The interior is rounded as well to protect riding boots from chaffing and rubbing. Weight: 350 g per stirrup; sold in pairs.


The choice of your stirrups:

Alfa Jump offers you the possibility to modulate your stirrups by choosing not only the size of your frame but also the soleplate that suits you.
The soleplates are available with the option of stainless steel spikes to increase the strength of the notch.




  Size L = Adult
  Distance between branches : 13 cm
  Sizes > 38


    Size M = Medium
    Distance between branches : 12 cm
    35 < Sizes < 38


Taille       Size S = Junior
       Distance between arms : 11 cm
       Sizes < 35