E.A. Mattes Gold Correction Half Pad with Rear Trim and Pockets for Shims

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E.A. Mattes Gold Correction Half Pad with Rear Trim and Pockets for Shims

E. A. Mattes GOLD pads are made from the same design and high quality materials as the sheepskin pads. Instead of full sheepskin panels, the GOLD pads are made with high loft, dense, 11/4” long wool on a fabric backing. 

The anatomically correct topline design of Mattes Gold Pads follows the contours of the horse’s back and allows for a perfect fit under the saddle. The patented SPINE FREE® Design ensures the spine is not in contact with any seams, fabric, or tension which eliminates the risk of rubs and pressure on the sensitive area of the back around the spine.

The wool has natural properties including heat dissemination, breathability, and the ability to eliminate friction and bounce.

The MATTES half-pad is available in general purpose and show jumping styles in sizes S, M, L and XL. 

Small and Extra Large sizes are Special Order only. Typical delivery approx 6-8 weeks.

The secure SADDLE-FIX® system allows the top seam of the half-pad to be attached comfortably in the gullet of the saddle.

The core of the half-pad is made of two layers: POLY-FLEX® (a deep-needled polyester felt) is used to maintain the shape and spread the pressure, while polyester wadding provides padding. MATTES completely avoids foam, neoprene or gel, making the whole pad breathable.

Please note: there may be up to 2.5 cm shrinkage on all Mattes English Pads with sheepskin and up to 3.5 cm shrinkage on Western pads. Please follow care instructions provided with pads to minimize this effect.

* Shims included (6 front and 6 back)