Fabbri N1 RTW Tall Boots

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Fabbri N1 RTW Tall Boots
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Next One Equestrian and Fabbri have teamed up to design the ultimate tall boot.

The Fabbri N1 RTW Tall Boot is the culmination of Italian design and manufacturing coupled with American innovation.What makes these boots so special?

Durability, Design and Ingenuity

Durability: The Fabbri N1 RTW features double stitching and premium leather to hold up against even the most demanding riders. 

Design: Designed in collaboration with Fabbri, the N1 RTW features a modern boot design while calling back to the classic equestrian style.

Ingenuity: What if you incorporated the spur into the boot? The Fabbri N1 RTW features a customizable spur port integration. Giving riders the flexibility to change spurs on the fly without having to carry a trunk full of spurs.