Freejump® Pro Grip Stirrup Leathers

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Freejump® Pro Grip Stirrup Leathers
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PRO GRIP stirrups leathers, a maximum GRIP maximum for training and competition

FREEJUMP's stirrups leathers single strap and extra wide design provide unbeatable riding comfort and the guarantee that the FREEJUMP stirrup leathers will not twist. The upper part enables an even more precise adjustment of the length than conventional stirrup leathers thanks to the use of « biothane » material on the back of the upper part of the leathers ; the biothane reinforces the upper part of the leathers allowing more holes in the same short distance (30 holes instead of 20 as found on conventional leathers).

Designed for the opened eyes of the SOFT’UPPRO, SOFT’UPLITE and SOFT’UP CLASSIC stirrups. The Freejump PRO GRIP single-strap stirrup leathers combine the ease of adjustment of a traditional buckle with the comfort and performance of a wide single-strap on the lower part. This lower part also features a changeable pad with Grip or Leather on its inner side.

A ring falls naturally into position in the hollow of the knee. These stirrup leathers can only be used with Freejump stirrups.

3 sizes to choose from depending on the rider's bodyheight: S<5'-1,50m / 5'-1,50m<M<5'9"-1,75m / L>5'9"-1,75m

PRO GRIP stirrups leathers, a vegetal leather

Most of time heavy metals such as chromium are used in the manufacturing of leathers. These harmful products are often discharged by the tanneries to nearby rivers, causing serious pollution of water and soil. Vegetal leather is tanned … with active vegetal components.

Vegetal tanned leather is friendlier to the environment and is also less harmful to the health of those who produce it and the end users’. Vegetal tanned leather does not trigger allergies. Vegetal tanning is used particularly for orthopedics, for saddles and horse tacks (horses can also be allergic!). And you will often find some in the lining of your shoes.

Vegetal tanned leather has natural shades with deeper and more nuanced hues. It has a distinctive identity with its warmer feel and differences from skin to skin. This leather will patina over time and improve as a good wine!