Helite CO2 Cartridge

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Helite CO2 Cartridge
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To find out the size of your cartridge, please refer to the label on your airbag vest or liner.

In the event of a fall, replace the empty cartridge with a new one of the same capacity of the Helite brand.

Size Guide: 


  • Child Med. - 50 cc
  • Child Large – 50 cc
  • XS – 50 cc
  • XS Tall - 60 cc
  • S – 60 cc
  • S Tall - 60 cc
  • M – 60 cc
  • M Tall - 60 cc
  • L – 60 cc
  • L Tall - 60 cc
  • XL – 85 cc
  • XXL – 85 cc


The CO2 cartridge can be easily and quickly replaced. The system can be reactivated by yourself within a few minutes without any special knowledge required. The size of the cartridge is proportional to the size of the airbag. One cartridge is always included with your airbag. We recommend to have one additional cartridge that you can quickly replace in case of fall.

You must always use a Helite branded cartridge for your Helite airbag system.

***CO2 Cartridge can only be shipped by ground.  No Air Shipping***