Jin Spurs-Small & Medium

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Jin Spurs – Size Small/Medium - (Available with or without Custom Engraving)

The Jin spurs are the first in the world that are cut from a single piece of aluminum and no welded parts.  In addition to its durability, aluminum is extremely lightweight, reducing the weight of these spurs to only 34 grams. Jin’s unique anodizing process produces a vibrant, fade-resistant, colored finish that won’t chip or corrode over time. Made in Italy.

Available in 2 sizes (small and medium) and 11 colors. 

Small size is $95.99 or $120.99 with Laser Engraving

Medium is $99.99 or $124.99 with Laser Engraving

3 fonts available (Arial, Arial Italic & Times New Roman) Choose up to 16 characters.