Lorenzini Classico Aluminum/Titanium Stirrups

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Lorenzini Classico Aluminum/Titanium Stirrups
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The Lorenzini Classico Stirrups are one-of-a-kind, patented stirrups, professionally crafted in Italy. The Lorenzini Classico Stirrups are made of durable aluminum and titanium, and are extremely light weight.  Lorenzini Titanio, based in Veneto, Italy, has been producing equipment in titanium for 30 years, and has spent many years extensively researching and developing new applications for this material. The titanium components of these stirrups are biocompatible and non-magnetic. They also have a low heat conductivity and are resistant to corrosion. These innovative new stirrups are made with quality and are sure to last a lifetime!

The Lorenzini Classico stirrups have a slightly inclined, narrow, titanium foot bed with high-density neoprene to provide extra grip. They are designed to evenly distribute the rider’s weight over the entire surface of the stirrup and help to maintain balance and stability. These stirrups have been developed into a comprehensive range considering your horse’s care and performance. The sleek and stunning styles of these stirrups are sure to give you an elegant and athletic appearance. The strength and lightness of the Lorenzini Classico Stirrups make them a perfect choice for the needs and priorities of any equestrian. Made in Italy. One Size: 4 3/4"